Modern Grip

by The Great SOCIO

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The sophomore EP


released April 27, 2013

Music by Stenger and Muñoz, Lyrics by Stenger, Arrangements by The Great SOCIO, Produced by The Great SOCIO and Ron DiSilvestro, recorded by Ron DiSilvestro at Forge Recording in Oreland, PA.



all rights reserved


The Great SOCIO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Great SOCIO is about recreating the feel of Classic Rock meshed with catchy hooks for the ADD generation. The sound draws influence from bands such as The Doors, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against the Machine. The band has built a solid following throughout the Philadelphia region. The Great SOCIO takes pride in their work and continue to promote themselves as a band you need to know. ... more

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Track Name: Modern Grip
We're Lost

If our past controls what we are today
and the values realized remain
Does the pain and suffering of a fallen world
soak through time to affect our ways?
If peace has some potential, if art exists
if the hour lasts to question fate.
In the modern day, within a civil world,
may your passion be for peoples' sake.

We're Lost

We're lost in god and awfulness
with emptiness and hate.
A moment just to ease eternal madness and heartache.

We're Lost

Some things are better forgotten
some stories told aren't meant to persist.
Cherish what we know in the things we depict.
A backward look held in our Modern Grip.

We're lost in god and awfulness
with emptiness and hate.
We know the loss and pain,
seems the kindness not innate.
Moment now to demonstrate,
what loathe has come our way.
A moment just to ease eternal madness and heartache.
Track Name: Hurricane
A long night in the brighter of the innocent.
A push/shove leads the choir like a hypocrite.
The night starves with the hunger for the will to live.
In the sight like a lion when the liquor hits.

Feelin like a Hurricane,
The lust to breath and love and live.

Like the art of the troubled, there's not keepin in,
how you love what you love and how you cherish it.
And you want, yeah you want with all your anxiousness.
So you dream to succeed despite the circumstance
And its creepin like a fire as the cinder wins,
and the fuel beckons the match with over confidence, yeah,
Feelin like a Hurricane. You know me, I'm like a Hurricane.

In the shallows the birds must have flew from its cage
I'd have sworn there was order but that's not the case
Now the wings show the fire and bask in the flame
and the thunder you heard, was you goin insane.

And here's fuel for the fire, here's truth to erase
that the chaos inspired what the order became
and I guess I'm alive. That's just the case.
I'm a Hurricane.
Track Name: The Diamond Tips
Her sight left a taste like a habanero pepper,
busting at the seems in the dress she stole in heaven.
I'd tend her every need, I'd storm through any weather
I'd dip the pen in ink and sign away in letters.

The Diamond Tips the Lioness

If I had to say what the heart beats when she enters it'd be,
She tempts, I'm questioning. Her moves, she makes me tremble.
She's sly, she's everything the whole world will remember.

the Diamond Tips the Lioness
Track Name: The Lioness
She's searching for the timelessness
The infinite
The dream that fills the cup of promises and happiness
She's looking for that timelessness
So infinite
Her words exceed, in love and peace and endlessness.

The Lioness

Her groove is sharp with influence
Beat ultimate
She's into love and all the compliments she averages
She's looking through with confidence
So intimate
Poised in the spotlight singing songs with edge and prominence

The Lioness
Track Name: Roll it Up
Roll it up and take the long road
A slight increase in perception
Horizon peaks in shining lights
A pull and burn with no direction

A slow tire spin in lit delays
and powered by a lovely haze
Skyline pass into morning fades
A soothing dawn and a mellow day

We are the best of the night drive trance
the glow of the mountain as we pull on its bends
A Silhouette shine and groove life demand
My friends in the moonlight as the skyline expands

Roll it up...

I'd like to take this town to the end
Spin around and do it again
With the fire in hand through this night glass glance
Hot and inspired by my fertile friend.

And we will admire like the first time again
perusing the water line, fluid and spannin
Showin the city, approachin dear Philly
its about that time a passed pipe is fitting

Its great to be home-bound Seven-Six line
Manayunk on the out-skirts ridin wild watchin Kelly Drive
and with the shimmer of the boathouse on the river
a smile as the glimmer of the glow light smoke deliver

Roll it up and take the long road
A slight increase in perception
Horizon peaks in shining lights
A pull and burn with no direction
Track Name: Swing the Club
For every reflex and garnered sense
There’s a test of our mental focus
Which side are you on?
There’s the wind and the calm

Which side are you on
Progress and logic or the pain?
That knee-jerk reaction format
Digs another grave
Which side were you on
When the wicked struck that day?
We should have been calm and known
That hate just rebounds hate

Does it matter the future’s sake?
With violent arms and violent trades
Effect to reset the cause
It’s like a schoolyard brawl
Does it matter the future’s sake?
With violent arms and violent trades
We keep swinging the club

It felt so good, that cold reaction
Blasting back in childhood fashion
There’s the ole eye for eye
That breaks the ties
In the rise of demise
Its uncivilized
Keep swinging the club
Keep swinging the club